RG Vegan Bundle – 5 Ebooks


5 E-books Bundle


An extra set of mouthwatering set recipes that you can use any time of the day to get your tastebuds going.

Includes recipes for: Gluten Free Dumplings, BBQ burgers (GF), Cashew Cream Curry, Roasted Ackee more.


A mouthwatering set of delicious new recipes that you can use any time of the day to get your tastebuds going.

From curries, to fritters, rice dishes, sides and snacks, this is a taste-laden feast of all those delicious, moreish tasty bites we can never get enough of.

I’ve put together a set of the most requested recipes all bursting with scrumptious flavours. Including: Island Fritters, Plantain Pancakes, Jackfruit Curry, Smoky Ackee and Chickpeas and the most requested Buss Up Shut Roti which includes an exclusive recipe video so that you can recreate it with ease.

Look out for the red play buttons as you scroll through to open up the recipe videos!

Chapter 1

I’ve filled this book with some of my favourite go to recipes and what I eat on a regular basis. Inspired by dishes and meals I’ve grown up with, I’ve added my take on them keeping that caribbean influence and made it suitable for a vegan diet. I definitely don’t hold back with flavour and taste and each once I personally find truly satisfies my taste buds to which I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Chapter 2

Consisting of mainly dinner type dishes, I have put together 15 flavour packed recipes which includes a no beef burger, red pea stew & spinners and a mushroom & peppercorn sauce.


Indulging recipes for the holiday season that can also be used all year round. The holidays for me is the one time of year where I truly indulge without guilt and this e-book is to show you the foods I’ll be divulging into over this season. I’ve put together 7 original recipes which include the show stopping ackee and sweet potato pie that I guarantee you’ll enjoy!




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    RG Vegan Bundle – 5 Ebooks – RG Vegan

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